Techniques and Tools Used By CBT Therapy

CBT therapy enables you to achieve your goals in life by helping you to overcome the believes, attitude, thoughts and behavior that are holding you back. For CBT therapy psychologist to help you, you have to show commitment to the therapy session by being honest. There are several cognitive distortions that you should become with the help of a CBT therapist, and that is why the therapist will use behavioral therapy techniques.

There are so many reasons why people find themselves with suffering from cognitive distortions. Jumping into conclusions and overgeneralization is one of the cognitive distortions that affect people whereby they do not have evidence for believing the causes of the things that happen to them. Several tools and techniques are applied in the CBT therapy You can get help from a psychologist montreal. Your CBT therapy will involve the use of these tools and techniques.

Journaling is one of the essential tools that CBT therapist psychologist will use to gather your thoughts on moods. The CBT psychologist helps you identify the patterns in your emotional tendencies and help you to change them. The journaling technique involves the therapist finding out the causes of your moods and thoughts, the time they happen and intensity at which they happen before they can help you. you have to work on yourself in changing, adapting and dealing with emotions and thoughts that the CBT therapy instill in you.

The unraveling cognitive distortions is a procedure that you can practice without the help of a psychologist. You have to list down there harmful thoughts that you frequently have so that the psychologist can help you.

Here is more info on the steps of cognitive restructuring that you must follow. You need to find out the reason why you came to believe in the cognitive distortions that you have listed in the unraveling cognitive distortion process. You will be able to find out reasons not to believe in the cognitive distortions you have once the cognitive restructuring sessions are over.

Here is more info on signs and symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. The exposure and response prevention approach will lead you into circumstances that make you have compulsive behavior with the expectation that you will not react in the same manner.

Progressive muscle relaxation is also used in CBT therapy. It helps you to relax your muscles.

The CBT therapy psychologist will take you through relaxed breathing exercises. The relaxed breathing exercises follow the progressive muscle relaxation to enable both your body and your mind to be comfortable.

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