Why You Should Go to Church

During Sundays, many churches hold worship services. And it is good that people go to church on Sundays. It is on a Sunday that the Lord Jesus Christ resurrected and this is why we go to church on a Sunday to commemorate that resurrection of the Lord. While there are people who don’t worship God on any day of the week, it is actually a command of God to keep one day in seven holy unto Him. Here are some reason why you need to go to church.

One reason to go to church on Sunday is to give worship to God Worship shows that you love God. His commandments tell us to love God above all things. It is important that we sing praises to God and listen to His Word because it is only through these that we can worship God aright. Worshipping God on his holy day is a duty of Christians. This is the first reason why we go to church.

We also go to church to hear the word of God preached and learn from it. During worship day, the preacher teaches us the Word of God. When we listen to the Word of God preaches, we get to know God Himself, what He did for us, how to worship Him, and how to live our lives properly. It is in the Bible where the great truths about God and man are taught. Listening to God’s Word on Sundays helps us to know more about God and how to apply His Word in all aspects of our lives.

Another reason why we go to church is to meet up with the fellow believers. During our Sunday worship, we gather together as one body in Christ. We congregate with people with the same faith as we have. Here we get to share our joys and our burdens to fellow believers. It is a time of sharing blessing with fellow believers. Confession of sins to each other is also a part of this meeting. Since God has commanded us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, so we gather together on a Sunday to worship God and to fellowship with other believers.

If you are looking for a church to worship on Sundays, you can find many churches that worship God on Sundays. Just make sure that the church you are going to is really the church of God, teaching the Word of God and not the word of man. If you go to church on Sundays, you will receive great blessing from knowing His Word and from fellowshipping with fellow believers.

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